Unban Appeal - Mie

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IGN: Mie

Banned for: "Macro (26cps)"

Banned by: MrSlice

When: 00:15 AM 27th of May

What happened:
Hello, I was playing on SoupPvP, And i saw someone getting kicked by the Anticheat for "fast clicks", So i thought to myself that i should prank MrSlice (he was the one banning me) But it turns out that was a bad idea, I pretended to click "26cps" even tho i never got over 10cps. I do not have any proof for it since i wasnt recording at the time of ban, But i assure you i am unable to click over 15cps.
So i think staff shouldnt ban easily just because i said that i was clicking 26cps without proof.
MrSlice could've avoided the false ban by asking for proof of me "clicking 26cps".
Senest redigeret:
We have systems to check your cps and that's what MrSlice used in this case. You got caught clicking 26 cps and that indicates you were using something you shouldn't.

Unban denied!
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