Lots of cheaters.

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Hi there everyone reading,I'm GucciCactuz aka KltPvP in game. I've been a part of this community since october 2017. Since minelife changed to 1.8 I've noticed lots of people 5 blocking me and then blames ping or just "ur bad".

So if you're one of the cheaters, then just stop it. It ruins this whole community. And btw this message is for the staff and for the shitty cheaters thanks
You are able to use -/report
This gives a message to all staffs online that a report has came.
Reporting helps the community alot.

Thank you :)
Most people don't know how to even spot hacks either. That's why he made this thread. I understand him and fully agree with him here too. Even some legit players have used hacks and never ever got banned. Yes reporting helps, but not if you have staffmembers online that don't know how to spot hacks.

In my time I've also seen many players being falsebanned by different people of the staff that don't even know how to spot, f.ex: 'Autosoup'. Sometimes mods were asking players (that reported the hacker) 'How do you spot autosoup?'. I know that is just a few of the whole staffteam. But still, I'm still thinking that some mods shouldn't take the hacker reports if they do not know how to spot hacks.

After all that is just my opinion.
That's bullshit Bart! I think you should stay out of this forum if that's all you have to contribute with! Talking shit about the staff you were part of yesterday is not cool!
It wasn't talking sh*t, but no other players of souppvp were speaking out loud. But my apologizes then for speaking from them and me :/ But I won't argue then.
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