Ideas to Improve survival2

Just some ideas i cam up with from playing survial2 this last month

  • The vote Crate
I feel like the vote crate doesn't offer you that much besides the survival 50 pick so to see some new stuff in the crate that is only possible to get by voting would encourage more people to vote, Some ideas to this is maybe a small chance to win a spawner key or some kind of money multiplayer to engage people who has played longer to vote to
  • Player warps
Something allows players to have warps to their bases so other players can visit, I feel like people who built amazing stuff or farms might want to be able to show them off or build community farms or shops
  • Looting on kits
I think adding Looting to the swords on the kits would engage people to make manual farms instead of auto farms as it would be more profitable to kill the mobs yourself and that might reduce the lag and encourage player to actively play more
  • Quests
I liked the whole quests thing on survival1 i wish something similar would be added to survival2 but more like 3 weekly quests that changes every week. For example re spawn the enderdragon and kill to earn 1 creeper spawner. Heres a similar things if quests dosent work
Came up with something even better, Adding a rare sword like the survival50 pick but a sword with Sharpness 25 and looting 10. That would take care of Point and two in my Suggestions.