Guard Application - xSkyy

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Minecraft Name: xSkyy EDIT: Changed Name to: TenFreakyGirls

First Name: Cayden

Age: 16

Can you use TeamSpeak and have a working microphone? Yes.

Where are you most active on Minelife? I am most active on Prison; however, I do spend some time on survival.

Do you actively use the forum? I do read the forum posts, but I do not comment on every post.

How long do you have to be awake weekly? (eg 7-10 hours a week) I can play for 2-4 hours a day, but on weekends I can play for 6 hour or more.

Have you ever been banned from other servers? (if yes why?) I haven't been banned from any other servers.

If you have any which hobbies are you so involved in addition to Minecraft? For my high school, I am on the power lifting team and the football team. Other than the aforementioned activities, I do not do other activities on the regular everyday.

Have you been guard on a Minecraft server before? I have been guard twice on Minelife; however, I have not been guard on any other servers.

Have you applied as a guard at an earlier time? (If yes, what is the date of the last one) I have not for the new prison.

Why should we choose you as a guard? You should choose me as guard because I am dedicated to doing my job, I can PVP fairly well, I know what guards need to do, I have played on this server for over 4 years, and I have been mod 3 times on this server.

Anything else we need to know? rallz will vouch for me :sneaky:(y)

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