ban appeal leftstrqfez/rightstrqfez

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Ign: LeftStrqfez/RightStrqfez
Reason: Toxic
Who banned you: Sckaletz
Date of ban: 14-05-2018 20:08
Why should you be unbanned? I admit it, I was really toxic to my friend (we had an argument Before). I got banned by the owner since I was realy toxic, I thought it was suppost to be a mute but its fine. After I got banned, I had a Little chat with my friend Hausik on discord and we got back into being friends and I apologized to him. I know my language was not nice and hopefully I get a second chance. My bad, I kinda just got mad at him when he 2v1ed me and said L and stuff. He told me it was a joke.
Give me a second chance and ill prove it. Sorry Sckaletz btw.

-LeftStrqfez <3
I am really sorry and I can’t wait to come back and have fun on the server, I have no other servers to go and I would really be greatful if I got a second chance. Thank you <333
Not open for further replies.