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    Du kan köpa av mig :)
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    Allan told me the wool thing is on the way, dunno when though. I really like the idéa of getting your own warp and exclusivly for divine, i also think it should cost if implemented. Good thread Berttt *thumbs up*
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    Oops! We ran into some problems.

    Easiest thing to fix, copy and paste back the links on the main page. I use to tell my pals to vote and they do not play the game MC but the vote if i ask them to. |||FORUMS|||||| STORE|||||<---- Not any of these ||| two..... This one ---------->VOTE They didnt vote for a while and when i asked...
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    Most common excuse

    What is the most common excuse you admins hear from the banned player? My personal favorite is the classic my brother or my friend...
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    @jonas0706, du skal skrive i højre del af forummet. Her får du et link - Team Minelife Med venlig hilsen Buggis
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    /chest bug

    I have lost a lot of chests and i've heard the new system is now active but i have no clue how to reach it @Sckaletz could you share how to pls No need to reply The command is /pv
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    6 colors of wool

    There is only white wool in the shop. The shop got all kinds of wood, corals, and ice so why not all colors of wool (and i just mean the standard colors when farming)? Is it possible to add Brown, Grey, Light Grey, Black and Pink to the shop?
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    Minecart on activator rail

    Okay thanx, sounds great and good luck to you my friend.
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    Minecart on activator rail

    There is an issue with the activator rail, minecart wobbles and does not work properly.
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    Creeper went piggy

    I have 18 creeper spawners and when i place them they got a rotating pig inside. Well, now i didnt bought all of these spawners. I got them from the spawner keys wich some was free and 100 i truly bought. When you got time admin, contact me so we can solve this. Have a nice day <3
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    Massive lag

    Hello! The server (SURVIVAL 2) lags constantly, me and my friend who btw did invest in lots of spawners are NOT responsible. We removed our farms but it still lag like crazy. Ppl cannot build or open chests even travelling is hard, two steps forward one step back. Maybe set the server on...